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tounges and tounges

There once was a woman who dropped out of college because she ran out of money. Her father did not see college as a necessary venture. If she was going to go to school she was going to have to pay for it her self. It worked at first because she went to a community college which is relatively cheap. She bought a car that barely ran in order to travel back and forth to school. The car would over heat and the drivers seat was a milk crate. The woman got a job at the college working for the library. It didn't pay well but it was enough to cover school and gas. She studied hard and made good grades. Two years went by quickly but that's all the further she could go at community college. She had to transfer to a university that offered a 4 year program.

It was exciting and a scary adventure. She was going to finally move out of her parents house and live on her own in the dorms of the university she was transferring to. She made many friends and made many memories. The pressure was on to pay for this new life. She took two jobs at the university. She worked a desk in a dorm library that forced her to stay up till two in the morning every night. She also worked for the cafeteria serving others their dinners. Her new friends liked to party and soon with the pressures of work and a social life her grades began to drop. Two years went by and she needed to take another semester to finish school, but her new friends were graduating and she didn't have enough money to pay for the last semester, so she moved back to her parents house. She became a bartender and made many memories.

Time went by and she moved out of her parents house again and got a better job working with mentally handicap children. One day she was invited to a Halloween party at the bar she used to work at. The night was dead until a man dressed in an old man costume started talking to her. He was funny and witty. She was having fun the man was nice and when he took off his mask he wasn't bad looking either. They exchanged numbers she waited for him to call.

It was on the very next day the man called her and they made plans for a date. After only two weeks the man proposed to the woman. She realized that it was fast and set a date for two years later to be married. They dated and got along amazingly. The man found out that the woman had never finished college. He insisted that she finish school and he even offered to pay for it. So she did and then they were married shortly after she finished and they lived happily ever after.


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Jul. 19th, 2010 07:23 am (UTC)
And then everyone died horrible, painful deaths.
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