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Look and see

I had just woken up on a Saturday in autumn. It was probably around 9 am. I was standing in the kitchen about to make a bowl of cereal. I looked out the window to see what kind of day it was. I saw my dad walking up to the back door and there was a man following him. My dad had a towel wrapped around his hand that was soaked in blood. I thought to myself how curious, how interesting. He comes into the kitchen dripping blood on the floor. I asked him what had happen and he told me "oh I just cut my hand. I just need to wash it." I think well that's a lot of blood but whatever.
My dad was working for the grain elevator across the street from my house. During the fall he would stay up all night drying corn. Sometimes things would break and he would go and fix it for them. This particular time the auger in one of the silos had broken off its axle. An auger in this particular situation is basically a giant screw. What it does is spread out the corn evenly so that it doesn't pile up in a cone shape. He had fixed everything and was lifting the giant screw back into place. It was a difficult job because he had to stand into the corn. So he never had a solid footing in order to lift the thing up into place. When he almost had it into position he slipped and put his hand down into the corn followed by the auger falling right on top of it. Which is how he sliced open his hand.
My dad came out of the bathroom a little more pale then when he went in. He said that I had to take him to the hospital. I quickly put on a pair of pants and a clean shirt. We got into the truck and I took off. I was going very fast at first. He told me to slow down because it wasn't an emergency. Then after a while he said to me in a shaky voice. I think you better speed up I'm getting very dizzy. When we finally saw the doctor he asked me if I wanted to watch him sew up his hand. I said yes I would. This was the first time I saw how bad the cut really was. The auger had cut the back of his hand between the thumb and pointer finger. I could see fat tissue and muscle. I felt a little sick to my stomach so I had to look away.


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May. 8th, 2010 06:06 am (UTC)
Thank you for sharing this story.
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